Project Results

IO1: Digital Skill card Creation / Training Curriculum Development

A skill set (Digital Skill Card) will be developed which focuses on the areas of sustainability for MSEs in the tourism sector. The digital skill card will describe the course modules which are expected at a certain skill level. Existing course materials will be reviewed and analysed and a skill set will be compiled. The training curriculum provides a detailed overview over each of the modules offered during the course. For each of the modules a description of the content, objectives and the number of lessons can be found which enables the target group to decide on whether to take a special course module or not. It can be said that the training curriculum is the consequential output of the digital skill card creation.

IO2: Development, Installation and Administration of eLearning Platform

Design and installation of an Open eLearning platform, which includes: – Installation and management of the Open eLearning platform. – Creating multiple user roles on the platform. – Design of E-courses structures. – Ability to submit comments from users of the platform.

IO3: SU.RE to Tourism - Training package

Collection of tools and knowledge on the key skills needed by entrepreneurs operating in the SME sector, in order to increase the digital readiness index of businesses and to harmonize with modern standards. It will be addressed to the final beneficiary of the project: small and medium business entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. The package will consist of modules and will be developed in an open learning environment. The results will be a mix of methodologies in sustainability in tourism training: a combination of theoretical courses, practical activities, assessment tools, practical experiences, etc.

IO4: Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool

Development of an online Interactive Tool for small and medium enterprises in Tourism sector which will include the following processes (tools): – The Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool – The recourse mapping generator – The Idea Generator Tool.