Sustainability as a recovery tool for small tourism businesses

About the project

SU.RE. To. Tourism project aims to support instruments that include both economic and environmental aspects in order to assist a green recovery of the hotel industry, creating opportunities for a green restart of the hotel industry arising from the COVID-19 pandemic through the development of new policies and instruments to support a green recovery.

Considering the large share of the GDP that the tourism industry contributes in many European economies, it is crucial for SU.RE. To Tourism project to provide the industry with the tailored support needed for a sustainable recovery. Based on the stakeholder interviews and market analysis, a package with recommended initiatives to promote a green recovery of the hotel industry should be made available mainly including short-term recommendations including training for hoteliers on behavioural and technical measures to create rapid cost effects and implement hygiene and safety regulations into their daily operations. This could also be accompanied by a step-by-step approach to facilitate the implementation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction measures for hoteliers. In addition, upskilling and the use of digital solutions can offer substantial assistance to small business owners in order to transform their touristic product and service as a unique sustainable experience.

Project target

SMEs owners
Adult men and women (workers and unemployed), people with high potential but also those who face the risk of exclusion from the labour market
Training providers, adult educators, counsellors and tourism professionals
Organisations that provide VET training and services of support to tourism entrepreneurs as tourism associations, chambers, local or regional institutions, etc
Hotel owner Associations
Tour operators
Environmental Groups
Enterprises and ICT companies

Objectives of SU.RE. To Tourism project

The main objective of SU.RE. To Tourism is to address the training needs of tourism SMEs owners in key transversal skills based on new updated research, and strengthen their business activities in terms of economic, social and environmental impact. SU.RE. To Tourism is a EU partnership designed to develop core and innovative learning methods that best encourage sustainable recovery of the small tourism business, answering the need for education and training thanks to an innovative proposal based on participation and ICTs.

This project will focus on small Tourism businesses and the short- and medium-term measures that are able to support a green reopening of the tourism industry by contributing to:

The short-term measures will include:

Participant organizations